In the studio

In the studio

About the Artist

Doug Young was born in Connersville, Indiana. He studied under well-known South Carolina artists Emery Bopp, Darell Koons and Carl Blair as well as internationally known sculptor and restoration artist, Adrianus Van der staak.

He has lived in North or South Carolina since 1973 and moved to Greenville, SC in 1992. His works include a life-size sculpture of Shoeless’ Joe JacksonGethsemane,The PatriotDella Gillettethe Creche, and WaterBlessing.

Doug is a member of the Metropolitan Arts Council, and has served on art-related organizations including Taylors Art Group, the West Greenville Arts Festival, Pendleton Street Arts District Business Association, and Indie Craft Parade. He is currently serving on the Taylors Townsquare board of directors and is president of The Gallery Centre Association. His works are on display in his studio as well as in private collections.

Artist Statement

“Sculpting comes naturally to me. It’s not always easy or pressure-free, but I love the way the final sculpture plays with light and shadow. What the viewer sees may vary, depending on direction or time of day. I like that.

I prefer the additive process over any other. The spontaneity of the moment, and the opportunity to make changes as the piece takes shape, allows a certain freedom.

Since most of my work is figurative and representational, I try to communicate an emotion through the figure’s facial expression and body language. Good art should speak to the heart.”

Notable Works

  • Shoeless Joe Jackson

  • Water Blessing

  • Della Gillette

  • The Patriot